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"Be the ball Noonan"

"Be the ball Noonan"

So…I asked my friends over the last couple of days what they thought I should write about next. There were a lot of great ideas and some of them require some research on my part but of all of the things that were recommended there was one common theme.

Ya see, there was a lot of different specific subject material but they all wanted them talked about because they wanted to see something changed or something payed more attention to. When I see those things within a lot of different ideas what it means is there is a lack of leadership and a need for change. Having 25 years in the military has given me a unique insight and when I ask questions I’m not always looking for the obvious. Sometimes I’m just looking for common threads between subjects.

There was discussion about Gurdwara management and whether it’s good or not. There was discussion about whether Sikhs have lost their way. I had a discussion with someone that talked about how things in the West have changed how Sikhi is practiced in the West.

We are taught in the military that a complaint without a possible solution is whining. I’m not saying at all that I heard whining because i didn’t, but the need for leadership in the Panth to instiitute the change that everyone wants to see as I hear it is badly needed.

Guru Gobind Singh passed the Guruship to Guru Granth Sahib ji and the KHALSA. The Khalsa is the leadship of the Sikh Panth and if you are Khalsa then be the change you want to see. If there aren’t enough people doing sewa then call it out, if people are violating rehat, call it out. If Gurdwara management is corrupt then call it out. I know, I know…that’s awful American of me to put it that way, we tend to be a little brash in our approach but when something is wrong, corrupt, unjust or outright criminal then it is the Khalsa’s responsibility to take care of the Panth and correct it.

I have been blessed…very blessed along my path into Sikhi. I have made great friends and family along the way. I have Singh’s and Kaur’s that I consider without a doubt brothers and sisters. Those brothers and sisters have helped me down the path and help keep me on the straight and narrow. They let me know when I’m mistaken in something that I’ve written or said and even done (don’t drink your soda in the langar kitchen) I’m perfectly fine with getting a teaching moment. Maybe it’s time for a teaching moment across the Panth…maybe it’s time for a changing of the guard, but that can only happen if you’re willing to step up and assume those responsibilities.

I challenge everyone to learn how to assume one of those roles in your Sangat that you would like to see different. Be the change you want to see…be the leader you want to see.

Girls, Girls, Girls!!!

Girls, Girls, Girls!!!